Dembe Masjid (Mosque)

With the help of Allah we live and propsper  

Welcome to Dembe Mosque, Kampala Uganda

We started the mosque in small town center, where people who moved distances had problem with "conducting there five prayers a day”. The struggle was to see that Muslims didn't fail to conduct there daily prayers and also to help mobilize them together while counseling them to express good behaviors, where ever they go.

"At Dembe Masjid we live to express good behaviors and help Muslims learn day to day happenings"

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters

All the round the world

'Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi wa barakato'

 (Peace and mercy and blessings of God be upon you).

We thank Allah for having bestowed on us a gift of LIFE, we cant pay for such great opportunity because its ALLAH‘s mercy. We thank ALLAH for the good things; HE has bestowed on us, since the initiation of collaboration with our brothers and sisters, who live deep in the village of Nsunga, where ALLAH helped us to befriend other local people to join lslam and for the record more than 100 people joined lslam (June and July 2010)

Through the Dembe mosque circumcision project we organized and mobilized little funds to cater for them during circumcision but being village the situation is painful. They lacked logistics, even to survive well during the holy month of Ramadan over now more than 120 Muslims need support, which we mobilize slowly here in Kampala city to our brothers and sisters.

But also our Dembe mosque, Kampala, Uganda is still under construction, we are building two flat floor mosque (one floor will be for women and men) plus young pupils almost more than 200 Muslims need support during holy month. The mosque finds great challenge to maintain the challenging situation. We kindly request for your support to publicize mosque and its programs during holy month plus also we welcome you to Uganda and we will be grad to have you back home.

We look forward to hear from you soon and thank you for visiting our community mosque site.

'Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi wa barakato'

Kasujja muhamed, Mosque coordinator


 Join us ‘Muslims brothers and sisters” to celebrate IDD DAYAlftir in Nsunga off Jinja town one of Uganda’s historical cities, where we find source of river Nile

About Jinja

Jinja is a city in eastern Uganda, Africa. It is the second busiest commercial center in the country, after kampala, the capital and largest city. Jinja was established in 1907.


Jinja lies in southeastern Uganda, approximately 54 miles (87 km), by road, east of  kampala, the capital. The city is located on the shores of lake victoria, near to the source of the Nile. Jinja is the largest metropolitan area in Jinja District, and is considered the capital of the Kingdom of Busoga.

Nearby towns and villages include: Njeru (1.9 miles/3.5 km; 2.2 miles),Buwenda (2.8 nmi/5.2 km; 3.2 mi),Kimaka (2.8 nmi/5.2 km; 3.2 mi),Mpumudde (2.6 nmi/4.8 km; 3.0 mi),Masese (2.3 nmi/4.3 km; 2.6 mi),Walukuba (2.4 nmi/4.4 km; 2.8 mi) and Bugungu (1.5 nmi/2.8 km; 1.7 mi)

The town remained the capital of Busoga region, and in 1956, it was granted municipality status. Jinja was the industrial heart of Uganda between 1954 and the late 1970s - supported by power from the hydroelectric Nalubaale Power station at the Owen Falls Dam, which was completed in 1954. The dam meant that Jinja enjoyed clean, portable water on tap and an unwavering electricity supply throughout the 1960s. There was also a new and highly efficient drainage system leading into capacious sewers that emptied directly into the River Nile. Cars began to appear in the 1960s, often as taxi services.

Visiting Muslim families

 Much is known about Jinja town with historical sites , let us together decide to visit Uganda celebrate with us “IDD Alftir” mobilise clothes,shoes, jackets,scholastic materials to be distributed to your fellow vulnerable muslim brothers and sisters in the deep villages of Nsunga, those brothers and sisters have just joined  Islam.

Participating community activities: During our stay in Nusnga we shall engage or share ideas of communities that benefit our fellow muslims.We hope to learn more also from our international muslims brothers and sisters overseas. 

Come join the muslim brothers and sisters at Masjid Dembe,kampala,Uganda for trip to the sister masjid in Jinja remember DembeMasjid has made record of leading support to new muslims brothers and sisters interested in Islam now with more than 90 muslims waiting for circumcission, we need your interest to visit, enjoy fascinaitng time in the deep breeze viallges in jinja while learning more about muslims families urban and rural communites.For more information about your visit kindly contact: kasujja muhamed Email:

Thank you for deciding to visit Uganda, when you plan to visit, we shall atouch you to host family, where you will be living, however if you are interested to stay in hotel, we can still organise for you fine place.But every muslim borther and sister is kindly requested to donate "100USD" to help in the preparation, since we are travelling in the deep villages in Jinja town.Our Broters and Sisters expect us to mobilise everything from town becuase they live below one USDdollar day.We kindly request you confirm your participation four days to IDD ALFTIR

Through unity we prosper.

'Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi wa barakato'